Haida Hangzhou -Recognizing hard work by organizes “Teacher of the Year Award “ceremony.

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Haida Hangzhou -Recognizing hard work by organizes “Teacher of the Year Award “ceremony.

Recognizing the hard work foreign teachers pour in throughout the year, Haida HR China organized ‘Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award’ ceremony at Hangzhou Jiangnan Model School. More than 100 foreign teachers and more than 20 guests from Haida’s BPO School were invited to attend the ceremony.

The ceremony opened with Jin Xiaodong, Principal of Hangzhou Jiangnan Model School, addressing the attendees. In his speech, Xiaodong thanked Haida for bringing about the internationalization of education, and for providing the school with a host of skilled foreign teachers. He also laid stress on the educational philosophy of the school – open international vision, harmonious physical and mental development, and a happy starting point for life.

After evaluating nearly 200 foreign teachers in Zhejiang province, The Teaching Management Department of Haida Hangzhou Branch selected five winners for “Best New Teacher of the Year Award”, five winners for “Haida Friendship Award”, ten winners for “Top Ten Outstanding Teachers of the Year Award”, three winners for “Model Teacher of the Year Award” and two winners for “Special Contribution of the Year Award”.

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