Vision & Mission

We, at Haida HR, work towards creating an international curriculum system suitable for students at different learning stages. The organization also aims to lay a solid foundation for domestic students to study abroad with the help of teachers from different corners of the world.

Over the past 20 years, we have been committed to the internationalization of education in China, along with establishing a team of foreign teachers with strong experience, ample academic knowledge and a passion for developing a career in education in China.

Our business covers the dispatch of foreign educational experts, the recruitment of high-end economic and technological talents, output of international teaching courses, Sino-foreign cooperative education, and TEFL training in China, etc.

Over the years, Haida HR China has aided more than 2,000 foreign experts living and working in China with more than 200 organizations, out of which 23 have won Friendship Awards for Foreign Experts at municipal and provincial levels.

About 15 percent of the educational institutions which we are cooperating with are colleges or universities, while about 40 percent of them are high schools or vocational schools. Moreover, about 45 percent of them is enlightenment education institutions or international kindergartens.

Haida HR’s initiatives have improved the Chinese students’ comprehensive qualities and the teaching methods of Chinese institutions. The organization has also simultaneously provided an opportunity to work in China to several teachers across the globe.