Working in China: Haida HR Hangzhou brings you a concise guide to obtain Chinese Work Visa (Z-Visa)

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February 26, 2019
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Working in China: Haida HR Hangzhou brings you a concise guide to obtain Chinese Work Visa (Z-Visa)

Chinese Z-Visa Haida Hr

If you are looking to work in China, you must be well aware of the importance of Chinese work visa, and the difficult process of getting it. Haida HR, a leading Hangzhou-based recruitment company in China, brings you a concise guide to obtain Chinese Work Visa (Z-Visa).

What is a Z-Visa?

Chinese work visa (also known as Z-Visa) is issued to foreigners who are going to China for a paid job offer, or to undertake commercial entertainment performances in China.

What is the duration of stay allowed with Chinese Z visa?

The Z-Visa itself allows a stay duration of only 30 days from the date of arrival in China. During this period, you and your employer must seek a Temporary Residence Permit for the duration of your contract. This ranges from a minimum of 90 days to a maximum of 5 years. Note that the Chinese work visa allows a single entry, with the duration of stay marked as ‘000’. This means that the duration is to be determined by the Temporary Residence Permit after you enter China.

Is there any age limit for Z-Visa application?

Yes, there is. The age limit is 18 to 60 years for all applicants. In case you need some flexibility, you must convey the same to your employer, suggests Haida HR.

What are the documents required to obtain a Chinese work visa?

  1. Passport – Applicant’s valid passport with at least six months before expiry and at least one blank page left in it.
  2. Application Form – An accurately and truthfully completed Chinese Work Visa Application Form.
  3. Recent Photo – One recent passport size photo affixed to the Application Form.
  4. Work Permit – Applicants need to submit one of the following work permits provided by their employers in China:
  5. Foreigners Work Permit
  6. Registration Certificate of Resident Representative Offices
  7. An approval document for commercial performances
  8. Invitation Letter for Offshore Petroleum Operations
  9. Supporting Documents

According to Haida HR Hangzhou, applicants might also be required to submit supporting documents on a case-by-case basis. This could include anything from a medical form to a criminal history check.

Taking a medical check is mandatory while applying for the Temporary Residence Permit in China, even if you are not required to submit the medical form. You can download Physical Examination Record for Foreigner to check the tests you need to go through.

How to Apply for Chinese Work Visa

There are a number of ways you can apply for Chinese Z-Visa. You can go to the Chinese embassy in person for application, or you can have a travel agency or visa agency to act on your behalf. Please note that mailed applications are not acceptable. If there are Chinese Visa Application Centers (CVASC) in your country, you can also go there to submit your visa application, suggests Haida HR Hangzhou.

What is the fee for getting a Chinese Employment Visa?

The fee for Chinese Z-Visa is the same as the fee for other types of Chinese visa. The table below specifies the fee for the citizens of the US, UK, Canada, and Australia:

US Citizens UK Citizens Canadian Citizens Australian Citizens
USD 140 GBP 151 CAD 142 AUD 109.5

How much time does it take for a visa application to be processed?

According to Haida Hangzhou, it usually takes about four working days to process a Z-Visa application. However, there are faster options available too. An additional US$ 30 is charged for one-day processing and US$ 20 for two-day processing.


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